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Day of Archaeology – RCAHMS Search Room Visitors

As well as our online resources, RCAHMS also houses a public Search Room where visitors and volunteers can gain access to our drawings, photographs and manuscripts, with members of staff on hand at all times to provide assistance. For Day of Archaeology we went along to ask visitors what they were working on.

A regular volunteer at RCAHMS Hugh Dinwoodie, was busy indexing documentation stored here from excavations at Fast Castle between 1971 and 1986 carried out by the Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society.  As a member of the Society, Hugh has been volunteering at RCAHMS and working on the results of these excavations for 4 or 5 years. With a keen interest in archaeology and now with knowledge of the RCAHMS cataloguing system, Hugh volunteers regularly.


Volunteer takes time out to explain his work in the RCAHMS Search Room.

 The Search Room is regularly busy with members of the public researching various projects and already today we have had two visitors in researching Urquhart Castle, Medieval Castle building techniques, Iron Age archaeology and the development and spread of Celtic culture across Europe to Britain.

Day of Archaeology – Susan Casey Data Upgrade and Liaison Officer

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of Canmore at RCAHMS? Below is the video contribution from Susan Casey, Data Upgrade and Liaison Officer at RCAHMS, for Day of Archaeology 2011 explaining her work with local authority archaeologists, the Forestry Commission and the National Trust for Scotland and the developments of the RCAHMS internal database that feeds into Canmore.

For more information about the local authority SMR and HER services visit the links page on the RCAHMS website and scroll down to Local Authority Archaeology Services.

Day of Archaeology – Brian Wilkinson SRP

Happy Day of Archaeology to everyone! RCAHMS blog contributions will be filtered out over the course of the day so make sure to check back for more videos, photos and information from what our staff get up to.

Below is the video contribution from Brian Wilkinson, SRP Education Officer at RCAHMS, for Day of Archaeology 2011. Here he discusses his current work involving the Scotland’s Rural Past Project, including visits to schools, the recent publication and how to find out more information.

You can visit the Scotland’s Rural Past website for more information including training videos in Using a GPS, Creating a field Sketch, Measured survey using a plane-table, and measured survey using tape and offset.

The recent publication ‘Scotland’s Rural Past: Community Archaeology in Action’ is currently being given away for free. You can either pick up a copy from reception at RCAHMS in Edinburgh or email Kirsty at Kirsty.MacDonald@rcahms.gov.uk for your copy.