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Scotland’s Rural Past New Publication

The Scotland’s Rural Past project is coming to end at RCAHMS and they have just released a second publication which is ‘A Practical Guide to Recording Archaeological Sites’. This new guide has developed out of training courses and contains practical, hands-on advice on the techniques used for recording archaeological sites, it is an invaluable tool for anyone who would like to discover more about the rich history and heritage of this country.

I’ve just got my hands on a copy and don’t know how I’ve managed without it! You can access a free pdf copy here.


Masters done!

Well I finished my MLitt in Archaeology at the beginning of this month. Was pretty stressful in the last few weeks leading up to the deadlines but I’m happy with everything. Graduate on November the 29th but in the meantime I’m job hunting! Eeeek!! Fingers crossed for me!!



Masters Dissertation

Ok folks – so my dissertation for my MLitt is due next month and the fear is starting to set in. My research is based around an artefact assemblage excavated in the 80’s from a site in Orphir, Orkney called Earl’s Bu. I worked with this assemblage in May/June during placement part of the course where I catalogued and archived every single artefact. Since there were around 5000 individual artefacts ranging from pottery to bone to copper, etc this took quite a long time! My research for the dissertation focusses on the steatite finds in particular; the forms, uses, re-uses, sources and so on. There are a few fantastic steatite finds in this assemblage including a small gaming piece, a weight and bar moulds which have been recycled from pot handles.

So it’s a lot to get my hands dirty with and there’s plenty of parallels around to get a great discussion going. Hopefully it’s all going to work out ok. If any of you have any interesting knowledge on steatite please feel free to let me know! 🙂


Human Remains Survey

Afternoon internets!

I’m researching public opinion on the treatment of human remains in archaeology and for this I have created an online survey. It’s really quick and easy to do and it’s here.

If you feel like procrastinating for a few minutes please take the time to fill it out. You’d be helping out a very stressed student and no strings attached. Cheap at the price!

Feel free to pass the link on to any other folk looking for a distraction….

Thanks very much!



Toilet Digging!

Spent the dig without any internet access 😦 so my mission to blog regularly has failed miserably!

York was great fun as usual though my time digging strangely focused around toilets….. From Viking cess pits to Victorian limestone chambers.

Have loads to write about York and millions of pics that I’ll add. Frantically trying to find a flat before postgrad starts.

Wish me luck!