Monthly Archives: October 2010

Time Team follow up

For anyone coming across my page after last night who wants more information…

Check out Hungate’s website. The site has loads of information on the history of the site and the excavations plus information on how you can get involved. The forum also has up to date information on whats happening and even site diaries from each week of the excavations.

Well that’s it – I’m famous

Well the long awaited arrival of the Time Team special is finally over. The special “The Real Vikings” aired yesterday on channel 4. For anyone who missed it you can find it here.

I was nervous to see it as I’d been asked to comment on camera whilst I was excavating a cess pit. I thought it would be cut as I was asked how I knew it was poo and who wants to hear that on TV. But I made the show. Embarrassingly!

Still the show was fab and the site looked great! Well done to all the Hungate lot, everyone should be proud. Well done especially to Pete who showed such a great enthusiasm for the dig.

If you saw it leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Oh and a special thanks to @arranjohnson for the screen shot images!

Masters done!

Well I finished my MLitt in Archaeology at the beginning of this month. Was pretty stressful in the last few weeks leading up to the deadlines but I’m happy with everything. Graduate on November the 29th but in the meantime I’m job hunting! Eeeek!! Fingers crossed for me!!