Masters Dissertation

Ok folks – so my dissertation for my MLitt is due next month and the fear is starting to set in. My research is based around an artefact assemblage excavated in the 80’s from a site in Orphir, Orkney called Earl’s Bu. I worked with this assemblage in May/June during placement part of the course where I catalogued and archived every single artefact. Since there were around 5000 individual artefacts ranging from pottery to bone to copper, etc this took quite a long time! My research for the dissertation focusses on the steatite finds in particular; the forms, uses, re-uses, sources and so on. There are a few fantastic steatite finds in this assemblage including a small gaming piece, a weight and bar moulds which have been recycled from pot handles.

So it’s a lot to get my hands dirty with and there’s plenty of parallels around to get a great discussion going. Hopefully it’s all going to work out ok. If any of you have any interesting knowledge on steatite please feel free to let me know! 🙂


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