Human Remains Survey

Afternoon internets!

I’m researching public opinion on the treatment of human remains in archaeology and for this I have created an online survey. It’s really quick and easy to do and it’s here.

If you feel like procrastinating for a few minutes please take the time to fill it out. You’d be helping out a very stressed student and no strings attached. Cheap at the price!

Feel free to pass the link on to any other folk looking for a distraction….

Thanks very much!



4 thoughts on “Human Remains Survey

  1. archaeogirl Post author

    Hi! Thanks very much for taking the survey – it’s a great help. Also for posting the link!! I really appreciate it thanks. Been getting some interesting responses but will add information on here once I’ve had a proper look at it. 😀

  2. archaeogirl Post author

    Thanks very much Alex. Glad it’s getting some attention from other links! 😀


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