York – Week 9

Well week 9 basically consisted of a lot of cess digging!


To begin with it was pretty slow going as the top the of the feature had very badly preserved wicker. We were trying our hardest not to destroy this already badly decayed wood as it would help us define the edge of the feature. From the context photo you can roughly see the edge of the pit but it wasn’t always that obvious!

Context 49223, upper fill of cess pit

It was obviously an important feature so we wanted to ensure that the records were kept up to date with it as there was always the chance the pit could collapse or the wicker might fall off! We were giving new context numbers for any layers that looked different than before and sampled each of those. We also took out around 20 10L samples of cessy material for it to be freeze dried and eventually put on display somewhere as there was so much interesting archaeology to be found within the sludge…..

Once the top of the feature had been settled on it was on to digging down. This was a very painstaking job as the wicker was very decayed. It took clay tools and some very patient trainees to get this going. When it did, it started to look great!

cess pit2

Although very badly preserved, we had hoped that further down the wicker would be in a much better condition as the dimensions of the pit would suggest it was likely to go quite deep. We could only hope….. and keep digging!

It kept us very busy! Too busy for photos…..


More on the pit soon…..


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