York – Week 7

Joined the York training dig on their 7th week and luckily brought the sunny Scottish weather with me. Most of the week was spent getting to know the site and all the archaeology and breaking in the new trainees. 🙂

The site at Hungate is roughly split into three areas with, separated by stone deposits which are thought to be plot boundaries of some sort. This year I was drafted to Elena’s area which was in the middle of the site with Artemi and Ben working on either side. Ben’s lot were excavating a Viking building which was uncovered towards the end of the training dig last year.

The Ango-Scandinavian Building

The photo shows the building being cleaned up to get a better idea of what was going on.

Artemi also had what looked like a possible building! No building in Elena’s area but that’s not to say it wasn’t as exciting!

A large medieval pit, later nicknamed Pitzilla, was right in the middle of our area. This feature was packed with finds including a large quantity of antler. Nearby to Pitzilla there was a lot of diesel contaminated soil which had spread over some features making them difficult to excavate. Most of the week was spent cleaning that up!

Weather was great for the week considering the team had apparently been rained off for several days before I arrived. Although it did nothing to improve my tan lines. Damn high vis vests……

More soon…..

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